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Are you are looking to embark on a new academic adventure? Look no further than our list of universities offering sustainable courses all around the world. From Master’s to Bachelor’s to Short Courses, we have been sure to include a variety of courses. So, if you are interested in sustainable fashion and struggling to find the perfect course, this is an ideal guide to fifteen different options. Good luck!


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From Master’s to Bachelor’s to a Short Course, here we have compiled our favourite sustainable fashion courses from around the world. If you are looking to further your knowledge in the world of fashion, but you are also keen to maintain a sustainable mindset, these courses will be perfect for you. Find out a bit more about the Universities offering sustainable fashion courses, and what those courses will entail, here. 






Florence, Italy

This is a 9 month long Master course running from 28.03.22 - 03.12.22. It costs €28,000, and you will receive 700 contact hours over the course of the degree. Despite being in Italy, this course is taught in English. It is assessed by two main projects: a midterm project and a final project. These can become part of the portfolio you present when applying for internships and jobs.

In terms of content, the modules include Brand Management & Fashion Sustainability, Sustainable Production, and Global Economy. You will cover an exciting variety of topics. These range from sustainable fashion business models and design strategies to diversity and inclusion management. This fascinating course covers everything you need to know to get started in the world of sustainable fashion. We love the encouraging lessons in global market ethics, transparent corporate communications, and innovative textiles. 



London, England

This is a 15 month long level 7 Master of Arts course. It starts in September 2022 and concludes in February 2023. It is based at Mare Street in Hackney, London. All classes are conducted in English. The cost of the course varies depending upon your status in the UK. For Home students, the cost is £11,220 per course. Learning will take place through lectures, seminars, masterclasses, workshops, and small group presentations. Students can typically expect up to 10 hours contact time per week.

This course centres sustainability. It aims to shape the next generation of fashion experts into conscious individuals who prioritise environmental, social, economic, and cultural criteria. The modules include ‘New Fashion Perspectives’, ‘Collaborative Challenge’, and ‘Re-Imagining Fashion’. There is also, of course, a Master’s Project. As the course synopsis tells, in this course you are encouraged to value nature. It reads that you will 'conceptualise a transformed fashion system, one that values nature first and creates economic prosperity in service to this goal’.



Leeds, England

This is a 12 month long Master of Science course commencing in September 2022. UK Home students pay £12,750 for this course, and International students pay £25,250. The course is delivered in English through lectures, seminars, tutorials, and practical lab sessions. Interactive sessions are key to this course; they encourage critical examination of materials, and deeper insight.

As the website expresses, this course 'will prepare you to discover and drive sustainable and innovative textile solutions to address global environmental and societal challenges facing the global fashion and textile industries. You’ll gain an advanced understanding of the role of technology in the development of textile materials and products, including contemporary innovations in the fashion and textile industry'. The core modules include ‘Textile and Apparel Design Technology’, ‘Sustainability and Fashion’, and ‘Sustainable Innovation and Manufacturing’. There is also a Research Dissertation. Optional modules are also offered alongside these core modules, so check out their site for more details. 



Milan, Italy

This is a year long Master course starting in either October or February, depending on which you apply for. Tuition fees are €20,950 for EU citizens, and €25,950 for Non-EU Citizens. It is run in Milan; however, the course is in English. The teaching combines classroom lectures with seminars, practical workshops, and meetings with brands and industry experts. There are also field trips to fashion events and other key locations and businesses. 

On this exciting and innovative course, you will learn how fashion collections are designed and developed. You will also learn how to construct garments using moulage and traditional artisanal techniques, and create a unique collection. This will, of course, take into account the code of ethical fashion. You will get to use a variety of software and gain insight from experts in the field of sustainable fashion. The modules include ‘Eco-Fashion & Sustainable Fabrics’, ‘Textile Design’, and ‘Fabric Finishings & Embellishments’. Check out their website for the full list of modules. 



Surrey, England

This Master of Arts course starts in September 2022. It can be a year long, but this depends on whether you are full time or part time. It also depends on whether or not you decide to take up a professional placement. Kingston School of Art, Knights Park is a riverside location, a short walk from Kingston town centre. They were ranked number one in the UK for design and crafts by the Guardian University Guide league tables in 2020.

The modules for this course include ‘Design for Social Innovation’, ‘Sustainable Design Principles, Perspectives and Practices’, and ‘Creative Futures’. There is also a ‘Major Project’, details of which are on their website. Throughout this course, you will explore innovative and practical ways to help realise the vision of creating a more sustainable society. This will emphasise design, creativity, empathy, innovation and activism. As the website states, ‘The cohort includes designers of communications, clothing, products, interiors, buildings, services, and digital environments, unified by a commitment to designing sustainability itself’.



New York, U.S.A

This is a Master of Science course in Sustainable Fashion, and this exciting course is delivered in English. It runs full time for 12 months, or part time for 16 months. There are options to study in person, online, or hybrid. The January term deadline is 03.01.22. The college boasts a high 90% of Graduates who advanced in career or pivoted to a career in fashion.

Modules include ‘Sustainability’, ‘Fashion as Culture / Culture as Fashion’ and ‘Navigating Global Change: Business Practices for the Common Good’. However, we recommend checking out their website for the full list and further details. They summarise the Program as such; ‘Participating in a research-based curriculum, students in the fashion program will write Master’s theses designed to address real-world challenges, collaborating with partner companies and organizations’.



Newcastle, England

This Master of Arts course in Fashion Design (Sustainable and Ethical) commences in September 2022. It is a full time course that will run for a year. The cost of the course is £7,950 for UK students, and £16,500 for EU or International students. Also, it is delivered in English. The entry requirements are either a minimum of a 2:2 honours degree in a relevant discipline, or appropriate work experience and/or a relevant professional qualification. The university will also consider both. There is no requirement that you come from a design background. 

The course is divided into three semesters. The modules that you should expect to study are ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Design Process’, ‘Fashion Product Lifestyle’, and ‘Responsible Design’. These will be studied alongside your ‘Project/Thesis’. This Master course, the website advertises, ‘will equip you with the knowledge to become an expert in ethics and sustainability, and begin an exciting career in fashion’. The university has achieved global links to many fashion companies; H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and Barbour are just a few of the brands they name. In this course, ‘You will have the opportunity to collaborate with organisations from across the fashion and creative industries, through your project work’. Make sure to check out their website for further details.



Berlin, Germany

Find this Master of Arts course at Akademie Mode & Design. It is in the Department of Design of the Hochschule Fresnius, University of Applied Sciences. The cost of the course is a €595,00 admission fee, and then €725,00 per month. Check out their website for more details on fees and funding. 

The modules you can expect are ‘Sustainable Design Concepts’, ‘Sustainable Marketing and Social Media’, and ‘Innovative Textiles and Circular Economy’. The main focus areas are ‘Design Strategies’, ‘Business’, and ‘Production’. These will be studied alongside completion of your Master’s Thesis. This course, as the website outlines, ‘seeks to educate designers, managers, and experts along the textile chain and other creative industries who engage in shaping the widespread global change towards sustainability’. 



London, England

This Master of Arts course commences in 2022. The cost of the course is £13,500 and a £1,000 deposit for Home students. For Overseas and EU students, it will be £32,000 and a £2,000 deposit . This course is still accepting applications for the 2022/23 academic year. The deadline for this is 12.01.22. Check out their website for more details about the application and fees & funding. 

Though this isn’t a specifically named sustainable fashion course, the syllabus proves its dedication to inclusivity and sustainability. The site reads that this programme includes ‘an exploration of themes such as gender, culture, race, justice, nature, time, space, data, science, materials and magic’. Modules include ‘New Perspectives’ and ‘Platforms’, and you will also partake in a ‘Grand Challenge’ and an ‘Independent Research Project’. In ‘Platforms’, students are invited to study the following: ‘BIO, DIGITAL 360, and SYSTEMS looks to unite values, sustainability, planet centred thinking, cultural identities and connected patterns and networks, as embodied experiences across potential different geographical and temporal scales’. 






Paris, France

This is a 3 year long Bachelor course, delivered in English. There is the option to undertake this course online, too. The next intakes are for January 2022, and September 2022. The application fee for this course is €150, and the tuition costs €8,900 per year. Check out their website for more details on fees and funding. 

The modules this Fashion Sustainability course carry include ‘Sustainable Sourcing Commitment’, ‘Textile Processing’, and ‘Closing the Loop’. You will also undertake a ‘Final Project’ - more details of which are on the website. The website outlines that ‘The Bachelor Fashion Sustainability program will look into how fashion houses can implement integrated practices with "lean, green and corporate social responsibility"’. If you are looking to undertake an exciting course in a bustling city, this programme may be perfect for you! 



Edinburgh, Scotland

This Bachelor of Arts course in Fashion is a 4 year full time course. You must apply through UCAS for 2022 entry. You will have opportunities to complete work placements and study abroad. The cost of the course tuition is expected to be £1,820 for Scotland students and £9,250 for RUK and ROI students. This has not been confirmed yet. Additional costs include about £150 over years 1-3 for materials and printing, £400 for the Year 4 Graduate showcase, and highly variable costs to form that Year 4 collection. 

Although not a dedicated course in Sustainable Fashion, it promises an inclusive focus. ‘We emphasise emotionally considerate design, inclusion, diversity and an empathic understanding of users' needs’. Alongside this, they ensure that they keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion. Modules include ‘garment construction’, ‘understanding diverse consumer markets’, and ‘fashion drawing and communication’. There will also be a written dissertation.  They hold an annual show and are the only Scottish institution to show on the catwalk during Graduate Fashion Week. In your final year, you will have ‘the opportunity to fully incorporate your design strengths into your graduate fashion collection’. This will be a six outfit collection. 



Melbourne, Australia

Complete your Bachelor Degree in two years instead of the standard three, if you are studying full time at Collarts. Full time students are expected to attend campus 2-4 days a week. Alternatively, study part time and complete the course in four years. You have the chance to gain real-life experience through 60 hours of industry placement on this course. The total cost for the Bachelor degree is 71,388 Australian dollars. There are more details on fees and funding, so make sure to check out their website.  

The course is broken down into six trimesters, with modules teaching you how to ‘Create, develop and produce ethical fashion products and services’,  and ‘Acquire an in-depth understanding of global fashion practices, design, and sustainability’. You will ‘Gain knowledge and experience in fashion business, styling, ethical responsibility, and zero waste techniques and technologies’. Additionally, you will develop a portfolio throughout your degree. 



Loughborough, Leicestershire, England

Loughborough University is ranked 1st in the UK for Fashion and Textiles by the Guardian University Guide 2022. It offers a Bachelor of Arts degree course in Textile Design. This is a 3 year full time course. There is an optional placement year, which would extend the course to 4 years in length. It costs £9,250 for UK students and £20,750 for international students. They typically offer this course to students who have achieved BBB/ABC in their A Levels. 

On this course you will study a range of interesting topics, from ‘textile materials and processes’, to ‘trends in textiles, fashion, interiors and related industries’. You will also get the chance to undertake a self-directed textile design project. This course is ideal for those interested in Sustainable Fashion. The website advertises ‘Students are supported to experiment and develop their independent textile practice through conceptual design thinking and core practical skills. We foster critical engagement with theory and examine historical, cultural, political, ethical, and sustainability issues to balance creativity with academic practices’. Check out their website for further details.



Leeds, England

For this course, you will be studying full time for 3 years, starting in September 2022. This course is typically offered to those who achieve ABB or above in their A Levels. Tuition fees are £9,250 per year for UK students, and £22,000 per year for International students. There are also some additional equipment and material costs for the three years. The website suggests Level 1 could cost between £100 and £170, Level 2 could cost between £100 and £150, and Level 3 between £200 and £600. You will also be offered the opportunity to take part in the Study Abroad scheme or a placement year between Level 2 and Level 3.

The modules for this course include ‘Fashion Lifecycle: Products, Users, End of Life’, ‘Design History, Design Futures’, and ‘Marketing Creativity and Innovation’. These are just some of the compulsory modules, of which there are many more. There are also additional optional modules, and a Dissertation that you will undertake in your final year. The website says ‘The structure of the course is designed to develop your understanding of the complex and often challenging aspects of sustainability from multiple perspectives. As you progress through the course, you’ll explore the theory of sustainability, its application to fashion, and the interactions between culture, business, technology and the consumer. You’ll be able to critically assess solutions and opportunities for sustainable fashion in the future’. 






Barcelona, Spain

This summer course is a 2 week long study into Sustainable Fashion, starting 11.07.22. It is delivered in Spanish. It runs from Monday to Friday, from 4.40pm to 9.40pm (Friday 23rd will be 9.30am to 2.30pm). The cost of the course is €600 enrolment fee and €1,250 tuition, totalling €1,850. Check out their website for details on payment options and special conditions. 

The goal of this course is to provide ‘a holistic view of sustainability and the tools needed to apply it at every stage of the fashion product’s life cycle’. The lectures are delivered by prestigious sector professionals. There are also debate sessions, workshops, and visits to companies. This course is perfect for graduates, entrepreneurs, specialists, and other professionals. It ‘tackles the idea of integrating sustainability within the fashion company from both a theoretical and practical approach focussing on materials, processes, design, marketing and management’. 


Still stuck? Try having a browse through our guide of free or low-cost online courses in sustainability and fashion. Alternatively, there is more information on the different places you can study sustainable fashion here.



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