Berlin Fashion Week 2022 | Sustainable Fashion Designers Rocking It All



Berlin Fashion Week left behind a positive halo marked by some of the Berlin-based designers who are making a strong commitment to raising awareness through their collections or the way they present them. Here are the designers who will surely surprise you so much that you will add them to your list of favourites.


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Berlin Fashion Week celebrated a rather quiet edition this September. We don't know if it was a personal perception, but not too much seemed to be happening in the city during the fashion week. At least not like last edition, when fashion events followed one after the other and we found lot of sustainable inspiration in the streets.

But there were shows and events that were completely full. Of course, the quantity is not important, at least for us, but the message that was given at these events is well worth applauding. In most cases, the sustainable fashion collections created by Berlin designers were not very extensive. Berlin's own eccentricity disappears to become more minimalist and more wearable. The minimalist style is in most cases closer to the consumer. A clever way to face this breathless crisis. This is not a time for experimenting but for creating more commercial collections in a sustainable way. 



Danny Reinke presented his new SS23 collection Poetic Renascence. For the first time, the German designer introduced menswear, and we loved it. "With our collection, we want to show the industry this transience, that is contrary to sustainability and affects us all, and at the same time we want to offer new creations from old." - he declared.

The collection shows the fusion of transience with contemporary art. This season different shades of blue, from metallic to pastel are featured. These tones meet deep black, bright white and electrifying orange. Floral patterns, expressing the transience of life, meet graphic, straight silhouettes. The collection was produced 100% from fabrics that would otherwise be discarded. Artist Manuela Knaut painted the finale look. In addition, a community piece remained on a model and  guests were invited to paint the white dress. It was very interesting to witness this fusion of art and fashion, converted into unique pieces that will surely go high in history.


Transformative garments. An attempt to solve problems of textile abundance through fashion design. Laura Gerte is beyond fashion, democratic, emotional and iconographic. This collection offers a solution for an abundant material, crafting a patchwork textile from second-hand T-Shirts. Cultural references and symbols are explored by using an already printed material. This is merged with Laura Gerte’s signature design language, intertwining body and garments though textured hybrid silhouettes and big piping, simultaneously guiding and deceiving the eye. 

Laura Gerte is definitely one of Germany's most promising fashion designers. We strongly recommend that you follow her wherever she goes. 



Marcel Ostertag is a doer. This fashion designer not only is the friendliest in the Berlin fashion scene, but also the most open-minded. In times of crisis, he has decided to give priority to his female customers and puts them on the catwalk and even makes them the protagonists of his new lookbook, Salt.

He unifies his love for traditional influences and his modern interpretations of it. The absolute highlight of this collection are the exciting It-pieces, handmade in Berlin. Marcel worked many hours on the macramée models, which are styled as dresses and accessories. Each piece is unique. Marcel's main vision is having a sustainable production, high quality materials and fair production conditions which he stands with his name for. 



Another of our favourite Berlin designers is Brachmann. Minimalism, quality fabrics and local production at its best. The "Skins" collection was created at the invitation of the Association of German Architects, Berlin. In spring 2022, the two curators Tillmann Wagner and Constantin von der Mülbe invited the Brachmann label to design an exhibition at the BDA Galerie Berlin on the theme of "Skins - Skin Textile Architecture". The resulting artistic concept for the exhibition was also the inspiration for the new collection. 

+ Words:
Belvis Soler
Luxiders Magazine