Spring Summer 2021 Trends | Sheer Look



It is time to get out of your pijamas and get into the glamour of one of this Spring-Summer most audacious Trends: Sheer looks. Seen in dresses, mesh, combined with shiny details and in many colours. The sheer look is a must of the season for those daring to embrace it. 


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There are some trends that are not for everyone, we know it. Things that look perfect on instagram, models, or the different runways are just difficult to take to real life. We brought you this time one of this cases: sheer-looks. Whether it is just for inspiration, or to look for ways to dip your toes in one of the picks of our Editors as trends for the season; we put together some ideas for you.



Maybe the easiest and safest way if you are not sure how to nail the sheer-look. Specially maxi dresses, the dramatic the better. In all the ranges of colours, from strident tones, one example being Alberta Ferreti’s flowing yellow dress, to pastels; monochromatic and floral prints, an insignia of Dolce and Gabbana. We see this season a lot of extra ruffles and big sleeves, Bora Aksu has mastered this style. Sheer dresses have all something in common, they are very dramatic but easy to wear. 



If you were lusting for glamour, here it comes: the mesh has returned and big time. Balenciaga has daunted us with impressive mesh dresses over an all black look underneath. Acne, on the other hand, presented knitted dresses to die for with a 70s vintage stile (Perfect for that French Riviera holiday!).



A little close to the Mesh, but taking it one step further. It seems like some designers decided to give us the message: this all shall pass, and we will party. We see some shine combined flawlessly with touches of sheer. Burberry presented shiny mesh-like alternatives: we see it as a touch underneath cut pants. An exquisite glamorous detail! On the other hand, Balmain went all in with sheer and shiny blouse with oversized shoulders. 



If the total-sheer look feels to risky, we have seen some well presented options. Take it to pieces, for example sheer-sleeves or a cut in a garment. Burberry presented a beautiful sheer shirt with layered cuts in some parts. Valentino and Dior have excelled at presenting us these ideas as well. Another option is to go for sheer-blouses, Valentino presented dramatic and daunting blouses in its SS21 runway. 



  • Pastels: Pastels colours usually give a more delicate and feminine look. For a more sober sheer look, this might be a good way to go. 
  • Layer up: combining and layering up different sheer garments is another great alternative to get that perfect glamourus sheer look. 
  • Accesories: lastly, if you do not want to miss out in this trend, but still feel insecure about it; you can always decide for making a statement with  Sheer accessories. Burberry presented see-through shoes made with mesh, and a wonderfully paired bag. 

We introduced you to the the Trend of the Week. Previously, we featured Upcycling, Colourful Prints, and Dresses. Stay tuned for what is to come. 


 +  Words: Leila Salinas, Luxiders Magazine 

Journalist | Berlin-based 

Connect with her on LinkedIn or Instagram (@leisalinas)