Taiwanese Artist Hsu tung Han, between human and technology

Taiwanese Artist Hsu tung Han sculptures melt past present and future into one. The interplay between the very essential element of human being such as -DNA- and the pixelation of the figures, presents the multidimensional tension between human and technology itself. A new perspective…


The work of the Taiwanese artist Hsu Tung Han is critically important in terms of this materiality. Like a puzzle bridging two worlds, these human sculptures are made from a single piece of wood in the process of pixelating. In a single piece, it questions time, interruption, handwork, nature, digital attraction and human beings.


By examining the puzzle-wooden sculptures they offer due to the surreal creation a broader perspective of the relation between human beings and their own creations. Thus the artworks remain as a subject while they are objects at the same time.


At first stage the artist uses clay models and sketches to succeed. Secondly the concept transforms into wooden blocks such as walnut, teak, or African wax wood. Each work never seems fully formed, though each comes at the end of a laborious process. A dynamism that seems to set them in motion. As a circle of time, human and technology: Present turns to past, future turns to present. Who is us, who is upfront and where we are heading to?



+ info: Hsu Tung Han

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